Jayson Cheung

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UX Designer

About Me

Hello, it’s great to meet! I am Jason, and I am an information professional. I want to help others make sense of the massive amounts of information available to us in the world today. Whether that sense-making is through designing an interface, planning a great knowledge base strategy, or producing educational resources, I am all for making information easier to comprehend.

My dream is to work on information tools for people living in developing nations. I believe that a way to increase human capital on a macroeconomic scale is to provide a knowledge foundation on which a population can continue building upon. To this end, I am interested in working with others to research and incorporate heutagogical and autodictactic learning elements to inspire the users of such a tool to begin a self-reinforcing process of learning and an increase in human capital.

I am eager to broaden my skills and explore different industries to offer my expertise in unconventional and innovative ways.

I’m always open to meet new friends, so let’s connect!

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