Jayson Cheung

Knowledge Consultant |
UX Designer

Treasure Land Property Consultants Ltd.

- User Experience Design -

Agency: Lokomotive Communications (Asia) Ltd.

Project Role

Project Manager
Wireframe Designer (Sketch)

The Problem

Treasure Land Property Consultants Limited is a real estate company operating in Hong Kong Island. They deal with both commercial and private real estate for individuals and companies alike. A concern they had was that their existing website had a design that was outdated for modern realtor agency trends today. Treasure Land contacted Lokomotive to revamp their corporate website for both the Residential and Commercial sectors of their customers. I was responsible for the project management as well as the planning of the wireframe and UX for this project.

The Solution

Spatial organization was an important consideration when designing the information structure for this project.
For this project, database organization was critical, as each individual listing can be sorted by price, district, usable area, and other parameters.
As a result of these dynamic attributes, the front-end display had to be equally dynamic as well.
Looking at the client's previous website, I saw that this dynamic nature of the information present in each individual listing would result in overflowed divs, or an unbalanced two-column layout.
From this, I made sure that the spatial design of the listings and detail pages could support this flexibility.

Labels, Labels, Labels

A major obstacle in the client's previous website was that the data organization was not displayed efficiently for the viewer to obtain information.
Previously, attributes like price, usable area, district, year built, etc. were all displayed in plaintext form beside an image of the building being listed.
This was not effective in communicating useful information, so we added labels for each of the attributes to make it clear for the user that '2015' is not the usable area, but instead, the year the building was built.

Showing Users the Open Door

As well, the previous website relied heavily on pop-up windows to present information, as the spatial design did not allow room for additional images or content to be displayed.
An example of this is the Building Detail page's 'Current Listing' section.
Previously, users would click on the 'Current Listing' button to display the building's properties currently on the market.
Instead, we opted to design around this information and display it on the detail page itself, instead of having the user to perform one more action to view this information.

External Resources Used:
Laptop Mockup by Danielle Buerli

Disclaimer: This project was a collaboration between myself and a graphic design team member


- Project Date -
AUG 2016

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